Ultrapak puts every effort into ensuring each project is completed to the highest standards – on brief, on time and delivered with utmost consideration for all our customers.

Who we are

Ultrapak is an Australian owned and operated family business, based in South-Eastern Melbourne. Our goal is to partner with our customers to understand their needs and deliver them the best packaging solutions.  With over 20 years’ experience in the specialist packaging industry we believe success is built on a foundation of sound personal and professional integrity and we are committed to providing excellence and reliability in specialist packaging services to our Australian and global customers.

We work closely with our customers to provide the best, most suitable and innovative Packaging solutions. Our customers success is our success.

Ultrapak specialises in Contract Packing services. manufacturing of Thermoform Packaging and has proudly partnered with Aptar Group Inc to offer an extensive range of innovative dispensing solutions. Our complimentary service offerings allows us to tailor one complete packaging solutions to meet the specific needs of our customers. Ultrapak’s long serving, dedicated team has expertise and experience collaborating with customers in the beauty and personal care, food and beverage, pharmaceutical and FMCG industries.

Our Values and Purpose

Our shared values are at the heart of everything we do as individuals and as a business.


We do what’s right by practising our values rather than simply professing them


We stand behind what we do for each other and our customers


We deliver on our promises with passion and commitment, supported by our systems


We act quickly and seamlessly to provide solutions to our customers problems


We are inclusive and work together with our customers to deliver value to their businesses


Our business thrives because of the passion and expertise of our people.  We are committed to achieving the best possible outcomes for our customers and our business


We ask questions and think deeply to deliver the most effective, innovative, high quality and sustainable solutions


We care about each other, our customers and our business.  We put every effort into ensuring every project is completed to the highest standards, on brief and delivered with the utmost care


Our communication is open, authentic and human. We listen, value diversity of perspectives and work to nurture relationships with our customers and each other.

Our commitment to Social ComplianceA better life for everyone

At Ultrapak we believe that our success is built on a foundation of sound personal and professional integrity. We use our best endeavours to integrate ethical and socially responsible practices into all aspects of our operations.

We recognise the importance of responsible workplace policies and practices which comply, at a minimum, with applicable Occupational Health & Safety, Environmental and Labour Laws and Regulations. Ultrapak does not use nor condone child or forced labour in any of our operations and we do not tolerate any form of unacceptable treatment of workers, including but not limited to, the exploitation of children, physical or emotional punishment or abuse, or involuntary servitude.

Ultrapak is committed to eliminating the risks of modern slavery and ensuring that such practices are not present in our workforce or supply chain. Every partner (Supplier) of Ultrapak shares this important commitment.

Our commitment to Environmental SustainabilityProtecting our future

Ultrapak acknowledges that the world’s natural resources are fragile and finite and that there is increased pressure to derive economic benefits from these resources. We consider environment sustainability to be an important component of our corporate responsibility and are committed to providing quality services in a manner that minimises potential harmful environmental impacts and adopting a philosophy of continual improvement.

We are on track with our commitment to ensuring all of our thermoformed packaging is 100% recyclable PET by the end of 2022 and we partner with sustainably conscious businesses to collect and recycle our production waste and raw materials participating in the circular economy.

Our customersOur customers success is our success

Our valued customers include global companies, family owned and operated businesses, start-ups and other SMEs. We believe relationship is key and work closely with every customer to provide exceptional service and the best packaging solutions tailored to their needs to help ensure their success.

We work tirelessly to earn our customers trust by providing consistent, reliable, design-led packaging solutions and excellent service delivery throughout the entire packaging process.

Quality CommitmentContinuous improvement mindset

We understand that the production and delivery of high-quality, successful packing and packaging services is critical to all our customers’ businesses.  We take that responsibility very seriously and pride ourselves on delivering quality solutions that meet and exceed our customers needs.  That’s why we have a quality management system in place and adopt a continuous improvement mindset throughout our business.  We are ISO9001 and HACCP accredited and certified.

Ultrapak’s quality management systems ensures consistent quality in all that we do whilst also directing our focus to opportunities for improvement. Quality management principles including a strong customer focus, motivated management team and excellence in process and continuous improvement are the foundations embedded in the Ultrapak values and culture.

Quality is the responsibility of the entire Ultrapak team.  Both management and staff are committed to operationalising our systems and actively encouraged to contribute to improvement.
Our premises in South Eastern, Melbourne are independently audited annually to maintain our high standards and certification.

A focus on optimising systems and performance creates opportunity for continuous improvement.  This enables Ultrapak to provide our customers with confidence in reliably delivering cost effective, efficient and successful packaging solutions.

Our TeamOur business is our people

We understand the value of our team and endeavour to provide a work environment that promotes respect, inclusion and growth.  The Ultrapak team is talented, empowered and engaged with a strong commitment to our collective values. Our collaborative culture encourages shared knowledge and best practice.  Together the team enhances our capabilities to create and deliver real value to our customers in the packaging solutions we provide.

Many of our team members have decades of experience in a range of disciplines and Ultrapak draws on this knowledge to provide our customers with expertise, innovative ideas and the highest level of service.

Connect with us

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