Ultrapak provides innovative nutraceuticals healthcare packaging solutions that give customers a competitive edge when it comes to enhancing product shelf life and stability.

With demand for probiotics and nutraceuticals soaring due to the COVID-19 pandemic, consumers across the world are seeking products that will deliver real benefits to their health and wellbeing. They want easy access to products that will boost immunity and won’t lose their potency. And our experienced team can help.

At Ultrapak, we’re dedicated to playing a positive and practical role in people’s journey to good health. In partnership with global nutraceuticals packaging manufacturer Aptar Group’s CSP Technologies, we provide packaging options that incorporate active material science and sustainability solutions.

With leading CSP 3-Phase Activ-Polymer platform technology as the foundation of Aptar’s nutraceuticals packaging line-up, we offer customers superior results across areas including maximising shelf life while minimising a need for significant Colony Forming Unit overages.

Whether you are after nutraceutical and supplement packaging for your new product line or need to source high-quality sustainable nutraceuticals packaging to replace outdated options, turn to Ultrapak for assistance. We know our extensive line-up of packaging can deliver real benefits to your products and consumers, and we are happy find a solution that’s a custom fit for your brand.

Our nutraceuticals healthcare and probiotic packaging using 3-Phase Activ-Polymer innovations include:

  • CSP Activ-Vials and Bottles, with a patented polymer sleeve surrounding the product to remove moisture, enhancing product potency and stability over traditional bottles that rely on desiccant sachets and canisters. From screw-top bottles to flip-top vials, we’ve got you covered; and
  • Ground-breaking post-consumer recycled Activ bottles, with highly-engineered active particles co-moulded into the bottle for excellent moisture removal. The sustainable nutraceuticals packaging option is a win for customers’ brands, consumers and the environment.

Ultrapak is committed to providing customers with quality solutions for nutraceuticals healthcare and probiotic packaging.

Contact our knowledgeable staff for more information. You can also visit Aptar’s CSP Technologies for an in-depth look at the wide range of nutraceutical and supplement packaging on offer.


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