Food and beverage companies across the globe are looking for innovative packaging options to help reduce food waste, boost taste and enhance consumer safety.

At Ultrapak, our talented team is proud to be part of the solution. We manufacture packaging products including blisters, clamshells and trays using fully recyclable PET packaging and RPET for customers. And, in partnership with global packaging leader Aptar Food Protection, we also supply a large range of innovative packaging products and systems that deliver a raft of food-protection advantages to customers and consumers.

The Aptar range allows retail and foodservice customers to improve shelf-life for fresh-cut produce and seafood. Along with enhanced freshness, the packaging also sustains quality, taste and texture while boosting food safety by reducing harmful pathogen activity.

Cutting-edge technology and design in the products we supply help keep pathogens such as salmonella from the stored food. With foodborne illnesses taking a major toll on people’s health and costs across the globe, it’s more important than ever to use packaging with a focus on safety. Clever antimicrobial technology, which can be seamlessly integrated into packaging options, is among innovative approaches when it comes to food protection solutions.

If you are looking for packaging to reduce food waste, Ultrapak can help with standard and tailored solutions that meet your needs. Our range of products extends food shelf-life, reducing waste and improving freshness. It’s a win for our diverse range of customers and their consumers.

Our Aptar packaging range includes:

  • Invisishield TM antimicrobial delivery;
  • Seawell TM active packaging system for seafood product to remove excess fluid from the product;
  • Freshwell TM absorbant Packaging system which lowers food waste for food that’s freshly cut.

Whether you are looking for packaging solutions for your bakery or your food-production business, turn to the team with the answers. And that’s us – Ultrapak. With years in the packaging industry, we will find a solution that’s a custom fit for your business.

Please contact us for more information about packaging to reduce food waste or visit Aptar’s website.


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