Ultrapak’s trusted team delivers quality sustainable packaging options for customers in the food and beverage industry.

Whether your business is after recycled PET packaging or FMCG packing solutions, we can help. We supply a huge range of closures including valve closures, pouch spouts, aerosol valves and spray pumps that are easy to use, safe and innovative. And we work hard to make sure every customer – from major brands to smaller businesses – secures packaging that’s tailored to their needs and their environmental goals.

At Ultrapak, we applaud the global push towards sustainable product development and we’re proud to partner with global packaging manufacturers, Aptar Group. As exclusive distributor for Aptar products in Australia and New Zealand, we are passionate about providing customers with the packaging they need to elevate their food and beverage products and brands. It’s about providing quality custom packaging that looks great, is easy to use, safe and shines a spotlight on sustainability. And it’s helping to make consumers daily lives easier through expert design and consideration for the environment through sustainable packaging options compatible with recycling infrastructure and plastic waste reduction..

Our experienced and reliable team can match you with Aptar dispensing solutions and packaging for a wide range of foods and beverages including honey, infant nutrition, spreads, oils, dairy, sauces and condiments, sports/energy drinks, bottled water & juices.

We supply recycled PET and FMCG packaging solutions that embrace the environmental approach of a circular economy. Today, sustainable materials sourcing is front-of-mind for many in the food and beverage market and we are proud to play a role in caring for our planet by offering sustainable packaging solutions.

We offer the food and beverage industry a diverse product range including:

  • SimpliCycle TPE-S Valve closures, a recyclable valve that is compatible with PP/HDPE recycling lines;
  • Aerosol valves and actuators, for convenient application and quality performance;
  • Dispensing pumps which can include upto 100% PCR;
  • Convenient and safe pouch spouts that make pouring easy and can have a valve incorporated;
  • Flow-control valves for safe, controlled and convenient use of bulk liquid products;
  • Linerless dispensing caps and closures that are convenient and reduce packaging;
  • And a host of other innovative closures with clever designs that provide simple and safe dispensing solutions.

Whether you are a global food company or create premium beverage products for a niche market, turn to Ultrapak for assistance in finding the best packaging options for your product. With support from one of the world’s leading Closure and Dispensing system manufacturers, we’ve got you covered.

Contact Ultrapak for more information or visit Aptar Food + Beverage for an in-depth look at the dispensing and packing options on offer and its focus on sustainability.


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